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My name is Patrick, I was born in 1974 and grew up on the former battlefields of the Great War, nearby Ieper. Joined the Belgian Armed Forces at the age of 18 and earned my parachute wings & commando dagger in the Para Commando Regiment at the age of 20. Four years later I completed the instructor course and became one of the youngest parachute instructors. I saw 20 years of active service, trained and participated in international exercises all over and served several tours in the Greater Middle East. The last years were very intense as I was deployed in small teams of specialist operators.  


Being born on Flanders Fields, growing up with the legacy of the Great War, and in relation to my experiences as a soldier, I developed a passion for “the Great War” over the years. Starting a few years ago with guiding friends around on the battlefields of the Somme and the Ypres Salient , I recently realised my own guiding project.

Sharing my passion with others, enjoying the planning, research, guiding....doesn’t feel like a job
to me. I’m sure you will notice this, together with my military background, in my guiding work.
I like to keep my tours small and on a personal footing.




Contact : by mail →                                      by phone  (International)  +32 475 51 98 28
                                                                                             (Belgium)   0475 51 98 28

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Mob : +32 (0) 475 51 98 28