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 • Personal Tour : Retrace the footsteps of your ancestor - Research Service

   Mail me the name, service number and military unit of your ancestor you want me to research.

   Over the years, I have become a qualified researcher and had the honour of explaining to many people, in the    fields, what happened with their ancestor during the war. You will be provided with a personal folder with all the    research information (records, unit war diaries, trench maps, google earth overlay…)


 • all-inclusive tour, 3 hour-tour of the highlights, ....

 • Family tour - customized for children

 • Special remembrance tour

 • Battlefield - Beer tour : include a visit to West-Vleteren .…

 • By bus, minibus, by bike …Cycling Flanders Fields

→ lot’s of possibilities - please contact me in advance for a custom designed tour

    Key to successfully customizing your Flanders Fields tour depends on information you provide us. Tell me about     your objectives, date of departure, duration of your visit, specific interests, any other services you may need.

     We always strive to bring you outstanding value for money.

    Comfortable accomodation, comfortable transportation and good food are always a priority and can only

    contribute to what should become the trip of a lifetime.

• pick up (17.30 - 18.00 pm) at your hotel/hostel/B&B  (or other place as agreed)

• visit to Tyne Cot Cemetery - Passchendaele or other memorial on request

Last Post Ceremony (20.00 pm) at the Menin Gate in Ypres  (info www.lastpost.be)

• drop-off at your hotel/hostel/B&B  (or other place as agreed)

→ price: starting from 50 € depending on itineary & duration

→ Included: comfortable transportation (airco, umbrellas) , guidance, insurance

→ Please mail us for more detailed information  

Brooding Soldier Advanced Dressing Station, John McCrae 1st World War Bunker - Pillbox, Plugstreet Wood Vancouver Corner - Brooding Soldier  Essex Farm - Dressing Station  - John Mc Crae     British WW1 Bunker - “pillbox”
Menin Gate Ypres

Ypres Salient Tour

This popular battlefield tour takes you to the frontline around Ypres ( Ieper for the Flemish locals or Wipers for the British soldiers ), where the Allied Forces withstood the Germans for 4 years, denying them the passage to the channel ports. This medieval town was almost completely destroyed by German artillery, but remained in Allied hands and finally became a symbol of determination for the British. In 1919 Winston Churhill said of Ypres : “ A more sacred place for the British race does not exist “

During the Great War this part of Flanders, nowadays known as the Ypres Salient, witnessed the worst losses of soldiers lives. The Passchendaele campaign alone, known as the Third Battle of Ypres, inflicted 500.000 casualties for a territorial gain of only 5 miles.

Over the years this tour has earned excellent reviews and is known to be one of the best in its kind. You will be provided with a fascinating insight into the realities of the First World War, by visiting battlefields, cemeteries,  memorials and private collections. A briefing for each site, with relevant and accurate information, combined with the use of pictures, maps and aerial footage, will bring the former battlefields alive.      



  Last Post Ceremony Tour

Custom Designed Tour

2Xplore.be Menin Gate - Anzac Day Tyne Cot Cemetery Passchendaele Personal Tour : In honour of Harry & Alfred Dean – A Day in Flanders Fields A day in Flanders Fields Australian Battlefield Tour - Flanders Fields Brother in Arms Memorial

          We support the Brothers-In-Arms Memorial Project

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All tours start with an introduction briefing (map of the Western Front - zoom in on the Ypres Salient)

The famous Menin Gate Memorial, Tyne Cot Cemetery and Memorial at Passchendaele, The Brooding Soldier at Vancouver Corner, Essex Farm (John McCrae -In Flanders Fields”), the German Cemetery at Langemark, the Menin Road and Hellfire Corner are some of the highlights of the day which are a “must -see” for first-time visitors.

Whether your interests are general, specific requests, or you want to visit your ancestor’s grave, we always adapt the tour to your interests and needs.



adjustment of the selected sites to your country of origin or to your specific interests - visit to ancestor’s grave

• pick up and drop off at your hotel / B&B (or other place as agreed) / comfortable transportation

→ price: starting from 50 € depending on itineary & duration

→ please mail us for more detailed information

    private / custom made tours possible



• Itineraries include a selection of must-see sites complemented with interesting unknown locations - “off the beaten track” (private) sites  (example list of sites below - this is not an itinerary for a tour)

- Essex Farm Cemetery & Dressing Station where John McCrae wrote his most famous poem “In Flanders Fields

- Studentenfriedhof  Langemarck (German Student Cemetery) : “Slaughter of the innocents”   

- Brooding Soldier at Vancouver Corner : most impressive Canadian memorial in the Ypres Salient - 1st use of gas

- Tyne Cot Cemetery Passchendaele : largest Commonwealth War Cemetery in the world

- The Road to Passchendaele & Frank Hurley, the mad war photographer

- Polygon Wood : sacred Australian ground - The Zonnebeke Five (recovery of 5 Australian soldiers after 89 years

 “ Lost in Flanders ” )  - Home of the underground war / Brothers in Arms : an extraordinary story

- Menin Road - Hooge Crater War Museum - Birr Cross Roads - Railway Wood - Hellfire Corner

- Hill 62 / Sanctuary Wood / private museum with a preserved WW1 trench

- Hill 60 : incredible witness of concentrated battles with the huge “Caterpillar” crater nearby - “ Beneath Hill 60

- Talbot House Poperinghe : every man’s club behind the lines

- Battle of Messines :New Zealand Memorial Park - Ireland Peace Park - minecraters 1917 - Pool of Peace

- Flanders Hills : Mount Kemmel  & the Lettenberg shelters ( 5 dug-outs cut in to the bank)

- Ploegsteert (Plugstreet) Wood : the famous “Christmas Truce

- In Flanders Fields Museum Ypres (Cloth Hall) or Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917

- Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing : 54,896 names of Commonwealth soldiers who died without graves

David & Jeanette Hutchison from Australia (relatives of Sgt George Calder, 51st Bn AIF,  one of the 5 soldiers recently discovered)  with Dr. Brendan Nelson (former Australian Ambassador) and your guide

(morning / afternoon / day)